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Straight Malt Single Barrel Summer: A Series of 4 Experimental Straight Malt Single Barrels

Since our first experimental whiskey batch in 2015, Tennessee High Malt has become – and remains – our signature style of straight bourbon whiskey. Although many of our experimental barrels are made in this malt-forward style of bourbon, not every one is, in fact, a bourbon. This series of 4 malt whiskey single barrels is …

EXP Single Barrel #52 Release

ABOUT THIS SINGLE BARREL: Barrel #52 is the last single barrel from our first release, Batch 002: Smoked High Malt. Like Batch 002, this mash bill contained a blend of cherrywood smoked malt and dark caramel malt. Barrel: 53 gallon, #4 char + toast Age: 2 years, 11 mos Mash Bill: yellow Corn, cherrywood smoked malt, dark Caramel …