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Now Introducing Experimental Batch 014!

Batch 014, called Rum Barrel Finished, is a Caribbean riff on our Tennessee High Malt, inspired by the historic, rich, and flavorful world of rum.  Made from a mash of more than 10 different toasted & roasted specialty malts, each barrel in this batch was hand-selected for its confectionary and rich “rum-like” qualities.  After aging in charred & toasted […]

Now introducing Experimental Batch 013!

A whiskey-lover’s gin.  Inspired by the malt-forward Genever-style gins of Holland, our Bourbon Barreled Gin borrows techniques from both whiskey and gin-making traditions to create this style-defying spirit. Unlike most traditional gins, which use flavor-neutral spirits as their base, Batch 013 utilizes our malty-rich Tennessee High Malt white whiskey for it’s foundation. To this, we introduce a unique blend of 9 botanicals, […]