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Try our seasonal Experimental Batches: Batch 011 & Batch 012

Try our seasonal Experimental Batches: Batch 011 & Batch 012

This October, we released two of our most unique experimental releases to date: Batch 011 and Batch 012. Both extremely limited in quantity, make sure to stop by our Experimental Distillery for a pour and a bottle before it’s too late! Read on to see what makes these releases so special. 

Batch 011

Maple Syrup Barrel Finished features our Tennessee High Malt mash bill with the addition of sweet potatoes and pure maple syrup. After aging in new, charred white oak barrels for up to 3 years, we then finished the whiskey in maple syrup barrels for up to 8 months, adding notes of pancakes and syrup and roasted pumpkin to this straight bourbon whiskey. 

Batch 012

Mead Barrel Finished was made with a heavy hand of one of our distillers’ favorite grains: honey malted barley. After up to 3 years of aging in toasted and charred with oak barrels, the whiskey was then finished in rare and flavorful heather honey mead barrels for up to 8 months. Mead, a beverage made from fermented honey, adds a sweet and floral note to this straight bourbon whiskey.