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Introducing Experimental Batch 017: Apricot Brandy Barrel Finished!

Introducing Experimental Batch 017: Apricot Brandy Barrel Finished!

Our distillers are no strangers to off-beat mash bills or unique finishing barrels, but for Batch 017, they brought these two concepts together. Crafted to highlight the fruit-forward characteristics of an alternative grain mash bill, including wheat, spelt, and oat malts, this innovative experiment is finished in rare Turkish apricot brandy barrels for over 3 months. The result highlights the bold synergy between an inventive high malt bourbon and a vibrant fruit brandy finish. Bottled at 102 proof, expect notes of apricot jam, crème anglaise, potpourri, browned butter, toasted oak, and leather.

Mash Bill: Yellow Corn, Pale Wheat Malt, Pale Barley Malt, Pale Spelt Malt, Naked Oat Malt

Age of Bourbon: 3 years 6 mos

Aging Barrel: Toasted & Charred Oak, 53 & 25 gallon

Finishing Barrel: Turkish Apricot Brandy Barrels

Finishing Time: 3 months

Batch Size: 3 barrels

Experimental Batch 017 will go on sale exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery and on Seelbachs.com.

About our Experimental Single Batch Series

Our Experimental Single Batch Series is a limited collection of single batch whiskeys born from our 100-gallon Experimental Distillery in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The first aged whiskey in our hometown in over 100 years, this series seeks to express uncompromised creativity and innovation within our craft. Check out our past Experimental Series releases here.