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Introducing Batch 020: Citrus Infused Amaro!

Introducing Batch 020: Citrus Infused Amaro!

Our version of a crisp and refreshing European aperitivo, this Citrus Infused Amaro brings together the complementary flavors of a briefly aged malt whiskey and a variety of aromatic botanicals. Infused with hand-foraged honeysuckle and fresh citrus peel from our friends at Southern Squeeze, this lively, slightly bitter liqueur can be enjoyed alone, with a splash of tonic, or in your favorite happy hour cocktail.

Mash Bill: “Pearl” Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Caramel Malted Barley Base

Whiskey: “White” Malt Whiskey

Proof: 75 (37.5% Alc/Vol)

Infused with: Citrus Peel, Honeysuckle, Chicory, Hibiscus, Coriander, Gentian, Allspice, Rhubarb, Beet Powder, Cinnamon, and Ginger

Sweetened with: Organic Cane Sugar

Barrel type: Single-use malt whiskey barrels

Tasting notes: Citrusy, floral and tart, with a bittersweet finish

Batch 020: Citrus Infused Amaro will be available exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery on Thursday, September 30th. Limited quantities will also be available on Seelbachs.com (http://chattwhiskey.com/buy).

About our Experimental Single Batch Series

Our Experimental Single Batch Series is a limited collection of single batch whiskeys born from our 100-gallon Experimental Distillery in downtown Chattanooga, TN. The first aged whiskey in our hometown in over 100 years, this series seeks to express uncompromised creativity and innovation without our craft. Each batch utilizes a multitude of grains, barrels, techniques, and unique ingredients to create whiskeys that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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