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EXP Single Barrel #55 Release

ABOUT THIS SINGLE BARREL: Barrel #55 is the last “Native Barrel” from our cellar. Like Batch 003 and 006, this barrel’s mash bill contained malts that were selected to complement the character of its finishing barrel – in this case, stout barrels from our 1816 Native partnerships. Barrel: 53 gallon, #4 char + toast Age: 2 years, […]


Local whiskey loves local beer! Come celebrate a dynamic union of local beer, community and award-winning bourbon at the 1st annual Chattanooga Whiskey Barrel Bash. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 • 11AM–4PM Chattanooga Whiskey Riverfront Distillery – 890 Riverfront Parkway To celebrate the release of our 2018 edition beer barrel finished whiskey series, 1816 Native, we’re throwing one helluva party! We […]

Announcing the newest additions to our Award Winning Distiller’s Experimental Series: Batch 009 & 010!

Batch 009 & 010 mark the fifth release of our Distiller’s Experimental Series and doubles up on our Tennessee High Malt style. Check out the details that make them unique below! Batch 009 – Tennessee Double Malt This High Malt expression is not only our maltiest bourbon to date, it’s also our most innovative. Containing over 55% […]

Distiller’s Notes Vol.7: Finding Whiskey, in The Future Times

Call me “old fashioned”, but there’s something I miss about reading a real, physical newspaper.  What do we even call these things now?  “Real Newspaper”?  “Paper Newspaper”?  “Old Fashioned Newspaper”?  Something so imperiled in the wild deserves a proper name…am I right? In the past – before my stoopid smart phone – bumping into a […]

Announcing Batches 004 – 006!

It’s been almost three months since we’ve released Batches 002 and 003 of our Experimental Single Batch Series, and now we’re back with three more: Batch 004, Batch 005, and Batch 006! For this third release, we’ve tipped our hat to the Scottish whiskies of old with wheat, peat, a wee heavy finish, and of course…more […]