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Introducing Batch 031: Red, White, & Blue Grist!

Introducing Batch 031: Red, White, & Blue Grist!

Made with red, white & blue corn varieties, this Experimental Single Batch commemorates the 10th anniversary of Tennessee’s “Whiskey Bill,” which legalized spirits production in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the first time in over 100 years. Formally known as State House Bill 102, this important legislation ushered in dozens of new distilleries across the entire state of Tennessee, and is now an enduring symbol of community-powered change.

Mash Bill: Red Corn, White Corn, Blue Corn, Pale Malted Barley
Age: 4 years, 2 mos
Proof: 102 (51% Alc/Vol)
Cooperage: #3 char, + toast profile “47”, 53 gallon
Batch Size: 6 barrels
Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Tasting notes: Dried fig, sweet corn cake, berries & cream, almond croissant

Collectors’ Note: Each bottle of Experimental Batch 031 is adorned with a sticker inspired by the seal on the actual bill – a copy of which is on display at our Experimental Distillery. Be sure to check it out when you pick up a bottle, and maybe even raise a glass of Batch 031 to HB 102!

Experimental Batch 031: Red, White & Blue Grist will be available exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery on May 12. Limited quantities will also be available on Seelbachs.com.

If you’re not already a Chattanooga Whiskey history buff, you may be wondering why we care so much about the 10 year anniversary of State House Bill 102 – or, as we prefer to call it, the “Whiskey Bill.”

When Chattanooga Whiskey was founded in 2011, Prohibition-era laws prohibiting the distillation of spirits were still in effect in 51 of the 95 counties in Tennessee – including Hamilton County (Chattanooga). To change these laws, we began our Vote Whiskey campaign in 2012, holding rallies and parties to galvanize public support for the cause.

After more than a year of building support and campaigning, HB 102 was signed on May 16, 2013, making distillation in Chattanooga legal again for the first time in over 100 years.

And the rest is history.