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Introducing Batch 014: Rum Barrel Finished!

Introducing Batch 014: Rum Barrel Finished!

Batch 014, called Rum Barrel Finished, is a Caribbean riff on our Tennessee High Malt, inspired by the historic, rich, and flavorful world of rum. 

Made from a mash of more than 10 different toasted & roasted specialty malts, each barrel in this batch was hand-selected for its confectionary and rich “rum-like” qualities.  After aging in charred & toasted oak for 2 years and 8 months, the whiskey was then finished in two types of rum barrels for an additional 11 months.  This dual rum finish adds layered complex notes of aged rum to the profile, and highlights the dessert-like qualities of the high malt whiskey.  Pairs well with a back porch and your favorite cigar.

Proof: 102 (51% ABV)

Mash Bill:  Yellow Corn, > 10 Varieties of Specialty Rye, Wheat and Barley Malts

Age:  2 years 8 mos 

Barrel: Toasted & charred oak (#3, #4 char), 53 gal Finishing Barrels:  South American Demerara Rum, Barbados Rum

Finishing Time: 11mos

Batch size: 4 barrels

Release Date: April 2020

Tasting notes:  Rum cake, tobacco leaf, brown sugar, bananas foster