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Introducing Batch 034: Pecan Infused!

Introducing Batch 034: Pecan Infused!

Inspired by the flavors of Thanksgiving dessert, this pot distilled bourbon liqueur begins with a blend of 10 unique high malt mash bills. After aging 4 to 7 years, seven barrels were married and infused with a combination of roasted pecans, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and orange peel, before a final addition of dark Belgian candi syrup. Made with only real ingredients and no added flavors, our pecan infused liqueur is the perfect post-Thanksgiving digestif, and might be the only dram worth skipping dessert for!

Mash Bills: 10 Unique High Malt Bourbon Mash Bills
Grains: Corn, Malted Corn, Malted Barley, Smoked Malted Barley, Malted Rye, Malted Wheat, Malted Triticale, Rice
Infused With: Roasted Pecans, Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs, Coconut, Orange Peel, Dark Candi Syrup
Proof: 84 (42% Alc/Vol)
Cooperage: Toasted & Charred Oak, 53 gallon
Distillation: Double Pot
Batch Size: 7 barrels
Style: Bourbon Liqueur
Tasting notes: Turtle chocolate, toasted coconut, praline, and sweet potato pie