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Introducing Batch 029: Centenary Cask!

Introducing Batch 029: Centenary Cask!

In the Spring of 2015, our Experimental Distillery became Chattanooga’s first distillery in 100 years. Centenary Cask honors this history with a blend of Experimental pot-distilled mash bills – all married & finished within a rare, 100-year-old Oloroso Sherry puncheon.

Mash Bill: Various

Age: Greater than 4 years

Proof: 100 (50% Alc/Vol)

Cooperage: Toasted & Charred Oak, 53 & 25 gallon

Finishing Cooperage: Centenary Oloroso Sherry Puncheon (c. 1915)

Fill No. 2

Barrel Blend: 001, 168, 180, 187

Finishing Time: 12 mos

Batch Size: 100 proof gallons

Style: Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in an Oloroso Sherry Cask

Tasting notes: Aged-wine aromas of soaked fruit cake, toasted walnut and bread pudding


Centenary barrel

Yes! You may have noticed this was the second fill for our centenary barrel. Our Experimental Batch 021: Vatted High Malt was finished in this barrel for 3 months in late 2021 before it was emptied and then filled with Batch XXIX for a 12 month finish.

The best part? It’s already been refilled! Our Centenary Cask will now be a yearly release each January, bottled and refilled in the solera style. Every 100-gallon batch will be uniquely different from the last, and contain traces of whiskeys from previous fills, including Barrel 001: the first barrel ever filled at our Experimental Distillery.

With quite a future ahead for this barrel, we can’t forget that its story starts long before it’s current chapter at Chattanooga Whiskey. Cheers to another 100 years!

1915 – 1955

Filled with: D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles (Solera method)

Location: Dona Mencia, Cordoba, ESP

1955 – 2021

Filled with: D.O.P. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry – Oloroso D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles (Solera method)

Location: Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, ESP Montilla, Cordoba, ESP

2021 – Present

Filled with: Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Vatted & Solera methods)

Location: DSP-TN-21030 Chattanooga, TN 37402

Vocabulary Words:

Centenary: Relating to a hundredth anniversary; centennial

Oloroso Sherry: A rich, oxidized style of wine that is made in southern Spain

XXIX: 29 in Roman numerals, a nod to the history of our centenary barrel