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Introducing Batch 019: European Oak High Malt!

Introducing Batch 019: European Oak High Malt!

Tennessee High Malt with dual citizenship. Inspired by Scotland’s delicate and easy-drinking Lowland whiskies, this hybridized High Malt gathers complexity from its European provenance. Made from only 2 grains, the minimalist mash bill highlights a single-source Scottish spring barley malt, famously used in lowland grain whiskey & scotch. Aged for 4 years in charred European Oak barrels, the long-seasoned, highly aromatic wood character is designed to complement the sweet, grassy & floral character of the spring barley malt.

Mash Bill: Yellow Corn, Single Source Scottish Barley Malt

Proof: 102 (51% Alc/Vol)

Cooperage: Charred European Oak, 24 mo. seasoned, 53 gal

Age: 4 years

Batch size: 4 barrels

Tasting notes: Raw honey, chamomile, cut hay, peach tea, granola

Batch 019: European Oak High Malt is now available exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery.