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Inside the Experimentation Process: Batch 019

Inside the Experimentation Process: Batch 019

Our latest Experimental Batch, Batch 019: European Oak High Malt, was aged for 4 years in charred European Oak barrels. The long-seasoned, highly aromatic wood character is designed to complement the sweet, grassy & floral character of the spring barley malt.

European oak vs. American oak – what’s the difference?

European oak (quercus petrea) and American oak (quercus alba) are two very different oak species – and each one imparts different characteristics to aged whiskey. One key difference between these two varieties lies in their grain structures.

“Tight grain” European oak is known for having smaller growth rings. These “annual rings” contain a higher proportion of aromatic vessels (gaps), which are higher in tannins (mouthfeel), and lend a more delicate, spiciness to the whiskey.

“Open grain” American oak however, is known for a higher proportion of fibrous “summer wood,” and higher levels of oak lactones – which impart increased woody notes of vanilla and coconut to the spirit.