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Great Whiskey Comes from Great Beer

Great Whiskey Comes from Great Beer

We are beyond excited to introduce the newest member of our whiskey family:Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Native!  For centuries, distillers and brewers have shared the same ingredients, equipment and processes… NOW they share the same barrel. Native is an ongoing series of beer-barrel finished whiskies, born from our passion for local beer, community and our award-winning straight bourbon whiskey!

What Makes 1816 Native So Special?  

A project almost a year in the making, Native began with the simple idea of sharing our emptied 1816 barrels with our craft brewery friends. When they returned the barrels — and we gave them a sniff – we realized our own “finishing barrel” concept had just begun. Thus, we put our whiskey back into the very barrel that we gave them (now infused with new, unique flavors from their beer), and the waiting began…

For 3 to 9 months (depending on the beer style), we patiently awaited the finishing process, then pulled our whiskey from those finishing barrels and bottled it up, just for you.

7 Breweries?!

Rather than try to pick one “native” brewery to work with on this project, we decided to work with all of them! We were honored to work with 6 local breweries and 1 regional brewery to kick off this concept, giving them the freedom to brew the beer they wanted. Each brewery came up with a style and recipe that they thought would make not only a great barrel-aged beer, BUT ALSO, a great barrel-finished whiskey. Checkout the list of breweries below… we’re pumped!

7 Styles?!

Again, each of the 7 breweries we partnered with brewed completely different, unique styles of beers for this project. Not only did they showcase their range as brewers, but also allowed us to create whiskies with an amazing range of complex and complementary flavors – all while keeping the essence of our award-winning 1816 bourbon whiskey intact.  

What are the Beer Styles?

When Can I Get my Hands on a Bottle?

To highlight each brewery’s partnership, we will be releasing each Native style over the course of 7 days, beginning on October 9th.

Our “7 Days of Native” will reveal one collaboration each day at our Experimental Distillery in downtown Chattanooga. If the turnout is anything like Batch 001 of our Experimental Series, they might go fast…

AND, for the first time ever, you can buy a mixed six-pack of whiskey – showcasing each of the 6 local breweries we partnered with. Collect them all!

Depending on how quickly they’re snatched up, bottles will be available at the Experimental Distillery and select retailers throughout Tennessee on Monday, October 16th, following the 7 day release. Stay tuned to our social channels for up-to-date info!

Which Collab are YOU Most Excited About?