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Free First Taste + Open House

Free First Taste + Open House

Our company started back in 2011 with a simple goal in mind: Change the rules and bring whiskey back to the people of Chattanooga. This August, we will be releasing our new 100% Chattanooga-made flagships:

Chattanooga Whiskey 91 and Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111,

ultimately replacing the award-winning bourbon that helped us change century old laws: 1816 Reserve and 1816 Cask.

And we’re going to celebrate the only way we know how: By throwing a party.

Come by the Experimental Distillery August 4th-9th for a free first taste of our new whiskeys. All leading up to our open house party on Friday, August 9th from 5-10pm, complete with $5 drinks, walkthrough tours of our distillery, and more.