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Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend Release

Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend Release


In the Spring of 2012, we began blending and bottling “1816” – an award-winning whiskey that helped overturn century old distilling laws. While eventually succeeded by our own signature “Barrel 91” recipe, the whiskey’s impact is never forgotten.

Our Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend is a blend of 3 whiskey recipes distilled in both Chattanooga, TN, and Lawrenceburg, IN. This combination of traditional and innovative mash bills showcases the unique influence and balance between the 3 whiskeys – each symbolic of our founding creed: “Rules are Good, Change Them.”

Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend

Mash Bill: 51% B002, 9% SB019, 40% 1816RES

Cooperage: 53 gal, toasted & charred oak barrels

Proof: 100 (50% Alc/Vol)

Finish: 650 gal charred oak 1816 Barrel (1816RES only)

Age: Greater than 3 years

Batch size: 10-12 barrels

Tasting notes: Root beer float, black cherry, toasted oak & toffee bar. Full bodied finish with notes of cedar and sweet smoke.

About the 1816 Barrel

After 3-4 years of primary and secondary aging, casks of the original law-changing “1816” recipe (1816RES) are transferred into our 650 gallon charred oak Founder’s Barrel. Here, casks of different ages marry together until ready for inclusion into the Anniversary Blend.

Our Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend will be available first at our 10th Anniversary Celebration, before going on sale at our Experimental Distillery and in select markets on Friday, April 8, 2022.