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EXP Single Barrel #91 Release – The Story of Barrel 91

EXP Single Barrel #91 Release – The Story of Barrel 91

The Story of Barrel 91:

By March of 2017, our experimental distillery had produced over 100 unique experimental barrels of Tennessee High Malt Whiskey. Meanwhile, construction of our Riverfront Distillery Headquarters neared completion, and our team began their search for the recipes that would be made there. After sampling and tasting through over 100 Experimental barrels, Barrel #91 was selected overwhelmingly as “The Barrel.”

With notes of honey, caramel, graham cracker and a malty-sweet finish, this single barrel whiskey strikes a perfect balance between a classic straight bourbon profile, and the rich, distinct character of a Tennessee High Malt. Whether you decide to drink now, save for later, or keep in your collection for a special occasion, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Collectors Note: Less than 150 bottles of this special single barrel release have been packaged for sale – making this one of our rarest and most special whiskies.

Beginning in August of 2019, this same recipe will be sold as Chattanooga Whiskey “91”, and

Chattanooga Whiskey “Cask”, replacing our law changing 1816 series, and marking a new era in

Chattanooga Whiskey’s history.

Mash Bill: Yellow Corn, Rye Malt, Caramel Malt, Honey Malt

Barrel: 53 gallon, #4 char + toast

Age: 3 years

Yeast: ale

Tasting Notes: Ripe honeydew, graham cracker, floral, with a soft, sweet malty finish.