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Introducing Batch 024: Mint Infused!

Introducing Batch 024: Mint Infused!

Inspired by our favorite springtime juleps and smashes, our mint infused bourbon liqueur combines a 4-year-old high malt, pot-distilled bourbon with an infusion of fresh mint, dried fruit, & a variety of aromatic botanicals. Both sweet and slightly tart, this bourbon liqueur is best served on ice – and a perfect complement to a warm day in the sun.

Mash Bill: Yellow Corn, Riverbend Southern Select Malted Barley, Riverbend Heritage Malted Barley

Age of Bourbon: 4 years

Proof: 85 (42.5% Alc/Vol)

Infused with: Fresh mint, apricots, sour cherries, citrus peel, lemon juice, vanilla beans, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper & cane sugar

Cooperage: Toasted & Charred Oak, 53 gallon

Batch size: 4 barrels

Style: Bourbon Liqueur

Tasting notes: Sweet & sour notes of muddled mint, orange blossom, citrus zest, and syrupy fruit cocktail

Experimental Batch 024: Mint Infused will be available exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery on Friday, May 6th.