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99 Rye Named Whisky Advocate Top 20!

99 Rye Named Whisky Advocate Top 20!

A Word from Our Head Distiller, Grant McCracken

“Tennessee Rye Malt started out like most of our whiskeys: as an experiment. Following the release of Experimental Batch 007 in 2018, our team recognized that this malt-forward approach to rye was one experiment worth repeating again, and again. Today, our distillers continue to make Tennessee Rye Malt with the same care as before, in an attempt to recreate the magic of that original batch. Gratefully, that effort has not gone unnoticed, and it’s clear many people love this whiskey as much as we do. Suffice it to say, we’re looking forward to making more Tennessee Rye Malt for everyone!”


“This is just such an easy sipping good time rye. It’s not made to be a shelf trophy, this one is made and priced for you to open up and share with your friends.” -@dadsdrinkingbourbon

“Chattanooga Whiskey Tennessee Rye Malt is a wonderful balance of sweetness and spice that’s dangerously drinkable. At 99 proof, this whiskey has a very enjoyable nose, palate, and finish that is more than worthy of being sipped neat.” -Whiskey Consensus

“The nose presents with notes of Orange, sweet cream, and something along the lines of a cherry cordial. There is also some malt and a slight rye spice present. Very little ethanol is present. The palate opens with a cinnamon and vanilla note which quickly transitions into baking spice, cola and malt on the mid palate, which transitions to Malt and Rye on the back palate. The finish warms quickly and intensely, giving the Rye center stage. It softens into fruit notes and cinnamon, in an enjoyable finale. Again, at the price point, I see no reason you wouldn’t grab this bottle. It is an interesting Rye and certainly well made.” -@dailybourbondrinkers

“Decided to crack open this rye last night from @chattwhiskey. Quickly discovered this bottle won’t last long, it’s good. It’s easy to sip, smoother than most ryes, great complexity of flavors. The finish sticks around and you continue to get those vanilla, honey, and most importantly the rye spice.” -@picsandpours

“So rich and fruity, this rye is definitely going in the win column.” -@bourbonenthusiast

“This is a bold & rich whiskey from the get-go. Sweet spice cake on the nose, with light florals, and cream cheese frosting wafting behind. The palate… wow the palate… it’s an explosion of cola spiked with baking spices and then the sweetness of the malted grains pushes through, a touch of corn pops cereal, and then the spice cake from the nose roars back into a nice long finish that lingers down the middle and sides of your tongue.” -@urbanbourbonist