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2023 Ascot Awards

2023 Ascot Awards

Chattanooga Whiskey 91 and Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 took home Double Platinum at the 2023 Ascot Awards. Chattanooga Whiskey 99 Rye took home Gold.
91 was also named Best in Category for Craft Whiskey, while Cask 111 took home Best in Category for Craft Bourbon!

Each entry was blind-tasted and scored on a 100-point scale for appearance, aroma, taste, and finish. Awards were determined based on points.

Award Levels:
DOUBLE PLATINUM: Outstanding; earns top marks from all judges
PLATINUM: An excellent product; meets very high standards
GOLD: A finely crafted spirit deserving recognition
HONORABLE MENTION: Meets the standards of the industry

Thanks for having us, Ascot Awards!