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Chatt Whiskey 91: Fred Minnick Live Tasting of $26 to $40 Brands

Chatt Whiskey 91: Fred Minnick Live Tasting of $26 to $40 Brands

Live on on Friday, August 7th – Wall Street Journal-bestselling author Fred Minnick hosted a live ‘blind’ bourbon tasting featuring 16 bourbon whiskeys between $26 to $40 range. The lineup consistanted of the following brands:

Wild Turkey 101, Jefferson’s, David Nicholson Reserve (Black Label), David Nicholson (White Label), Early Times Bottled-in-Bond, Russell’s Reserve 10-year-old, Redemption Bourbon, Three Rivers Early Bourbon, Bluegrass Distillers, Chattanooga Whiskey, Brough Brothers Leadslingers, IW Harper, Woodford Reserve, 1776 and Bowman Brothers.

Chattanooga Whiskey 91 was featured on Fred’s top 6 picks. Watch the full tasting below with details about 91 at the 1 hour 28 minute marker:

“The real winner here tonight is Chattanooga. I mean, Chattanooga Whiskey comes in, and it out tastes Bowman Brothers. It out tastes Woodford Reserve. It out tastes Jefferson’s. It out tastes Redemption. You know, it’s neck-and-neck with Early Times, Bottled-In-Bond. This is a small distiller out of Chattanooga Tennessee. That’s a big win… That’s a big win for Chattanooga.”

– Fred Minnick (8/7/2020)

Then later on after that, when referencing Chattanooga Whiskey 111 Cask: “The 111 is fantastic. I’m a fan of that. In fact, I don’t have any left it’s so good.”