Chattanooga Whiskey Riverfront Headquarters

Chattanooga Whiskey is Expanding!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to officially announce that our larger distillery is in the works, in downtown Chattanooga on Riverfront Parkway.

Keeping true to our downtown roots, we’ve taken over the historic Newton dealership and have begun renovations. The building isn’t quite move-in ready, but upon completion in 2017, the new distillery will be one of the largest bourbon whiskey producers in Tennessee.

Perspective view of distillery from Riverfront Parkway

Since completing extensive research and development over the past year and a half at the Tennessee Stillhouse Micro-Distillery on Market Street, our team is excited to hone in on which innovative mash bills will represent the brand. This new distillery will significantly ramp up production, allowing us to expand our reach nationally.  CEO and Founder, Tim Piersant, is confident of our company’s passionate start and developing future.  “When we changed Tennessee laws to build our distillery, we didn’t want to just be the first in Chattanooga, we wanted build a better bourbon,” he says.

Here are a few highlights of the property:

  • 46,000 square foot existing brick building
  • Located off of the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga
  • 2,700-gallon Vendome fermenters and 30 ft. Vendome continuous column still
  • Barrelhouse with 4,500 (53-gallon) barrel capacity
  • Production capacity up to 14 (53-gallon) barrels per day
  • 4,000 square feet of event space
  • Conveniently located one-mile from our Experimental facility on 1439 Market Street (Tennessee Stillhouse Micro-Distillery)

Chattanooga Whiskey Riverfront HQ Floor Plans

Head Distiller, Grant McCracken, has a no-holds-barred approach to the expansion. “By the time the new distillery opens, we’ll have over a hundred recipes to consider scaling up for larger production,” he says. “We love all of our whiskey equally, but some of their feelings are bound to get hurt.”

We know what you’re thinking– all-call for volunteers to help comfort these lonesome whiskies?   Don’t fret…some might just need a little more time to age and mature while others will be released as an experimental line so YOU can be the judge!

From those of you who have supported us over the past few years, thank you! We can’t wait to share this progress and continue building Chattanooga Whiskey into a more nationally recognized premium bourbon producer.

Our Creative Director, Rich Abercrombie, embodies our sentiments perfectly:  “We’ve come a long way since 2013! I can’t believe our dream is finally happening. It’s like I can smell the whiskey already… Oh wait, that’s just my beard.”

The Tennessee Stillhouse Micro-Distillery will remain open and continue offering tours and tastings 7 days a week.  If you haven’t checked us out, stop by, enjoy our award-winning bourbon, and discover why Southern Living featured us in the “50 Best Places in the South.”